The Virtual Exhibition

With more than 35 years in manufacturing, our founder Mark Young, Managing Director of John Walton Machine Tools, has attended industry exhibitions all over the world. Over the years, the cost of exhibitions have become increasingly high and their outcomes nearly impossible to measure – not to mention the time, effort and additional resources required to optimise your presence.

With this in mind – Mark felt there must be a better way for people to network, connect, share ideas and showcase their products. Whilst we believe there will always a place for “real-world” exhibitions, we also believe that in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and the climate crisis, it is high time for a new platform.

And so the Virtual Machine XPO was born. Whilst the initial idea had been brewing for some time, it was thanks to the support of Neil Worthington, Founder of Worthington Brown, that it became a reality.

Through our cumulative experience and the use of cutting edge technology, we have established a completely digital & online virtual exhibition, which allows exhibitors to network and showcase products in a way that has never been done before – until now.


About the Founders

Our founders have more than just one thing in common, but above all else, it’s their love for Huddersfield Town FC that brought them together — as they’re both active Club Partners.

Mark Young, Managing Director of John Walton Machine Tools

“I’ve been in Manufacturing since 1984 when I joined my grandfather, John Walton, in his specialist Workholding business, which at the time had been trading for some 10 years. I have cut my teeth designing special solutions for our customers to save time, improve product quality and add innovative ideas to their manufacturing process. My experience extends to many sectors including Aerospace, Energy, Oil and Gas, Automotive, Medical, Defence, Motorsport — and I have a real passion for engineering.”

Neil Worthington Founder of Worthington Brown

“I started Worthington Brown, a graphic design, advertising and marketing agency 30 years ago, almost as soon I left college. We got a grant from The Prince’s Trust, making us one of Prince Charles’ protégés – and we pretty much grew from there. Over the years we managed to build up to an international level and at one point had offices in Hangzhou, China.

“We’re responsible for the graphic design side of the business and the marketing. But we also have a sister company called Hollywood Agency that’s purely focused on PR and social media.”

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About The Platform Creators

V-Ex has been producing virtual exhibitions and interactive online environments for 10 years. Our virtual exhibition platform was originally developed to support businesses looking to extend the working life of their live exhibition stands. The early virtual exhibition stands served as valuable marketing tools prior to show while also generating validated sales leads long after the physical show had closed its doors.