Why go virtual…

The cost of physical exhibitions has become increasingly high and their outcomes are hard to measure – not to mention the time, effort and additional resources required to optimise your presence. Nothing beats seeing a machine in the metal, however that can happen further along the sales process. When you are browsing what’s out there, we believe an exhibition context is still ideal.

With this in mind, we felt there must be a better way for people to network, connect, share ideas and showcase their products. Whilst we believe there will always a place for “real-world” exhibitions, we also believe that in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic and climate change, it is high time for a new more sustainable online platform that can allow for improved visitor and exhibitor convenience.

And so VirtualMachineXpo was born, through experience and the use of cutting-edge technology, we have established a completely digital exhibition, which allows exhibitors to showcase products and visitors to browse 24/7.

VirtualMachineXpo is hosted in Hall 2 at the V-EC, alongside IndustryExpo, the world’s largest 3D online engineering virtual trade show.

About The Platform Creators

V-Ex has been producing virtual exhibitions and interactive online environments for 10 years. Our virtual exhibition platform was originally developed to support businesses looking to extend the working life of their live exhibition stands. The early virtual exhibition stands served as valuable marketing tools prior to show while also generating validated sales leads long after the physical show had closed its doors.