How does a virtual exhibition work?
Exhibitions and trade shows continue to be one of the most effective ways of promoting your latest product and communicating your brand message to a targeted audience. A virtual exhibition works in much the same way. You can promote your business and services to targeted groups of visitors who are known buyers and influencers in your industry. Unlike a real exhibition, our doors never close. With year-round attendance you are able to generate sales leads from your virtual stand for longer and achieve a far higher ROI. A highly visual and intuitive browsing platform allows visitors to view your exhibition stand and access information about the products you choose to promote. Just like a real exhibition: the more you put in, the more you get out. We can help you to promote your attendance to your existing contact database and further afield.
How do I generate sales leads from a virtual booth?
Just like a live show, virtual exhibitions are about promoting your brand and generating sales leads that you pass on to your sales team. Unlike a live show, it’s possible to achieve this year-round and back up the leads with detailed traffic histories. Unless you have an extraordinarily well managed stand manager, at a live show you are often left with a pile of business cards and no system to track which contact showed an interest in which product. At a virtual show you can use the stats package to monitor the popularity of your stand down to individual pdfs and videos. You can track how visitors are using the stand and see which hotspots they show the most interest in. When a visitor requests more information or downloads sales material we can let you know, so you can send the lead to the right person on your team. Of course, the quality of your leads will be influenced by the quality of your stand. So make sure you populate every hotspot with interesting images, detailed product descriptions and any videos, pdfs and other literature that you have available. Keep visitors coming back to your stand by changing the products you exhibit using the stand editing tool.
How long does my stand stay live?
All exhibition stands remain live for a full year from their launch. The exhibition is live 24-7 and drives traffic through regular promotional activities and launches.
What is a hot spot?

The hotspots are the area on your exhibition stand where your product information sits. Presented as a popup on your stand, it contains all of the information and downloads that you’ve added for a specific product or service. We recommend that you populate your hotspots with a wealth of multi-media materials include pdfs, videos, images and descriptive text – helping to maximise the quality of information your visitors receive and improving your SEO. Where required it’s possible to buy ‘Sub-Spots’ as add-ons to your show. This allows you link to hotspots within a hotspot, meaning that a complete product family can be presented together with easy navigation. The hotspot is key to generating sales leads from your stand. In addition to the product information, each hotspot can be shared via social media and visitors can choose to contact you via email or the platform messenger tool.

What resources do I need to create a stand?
The DIY and Custom stand packages are built through the platform, so the only resources you’ll need to provide is the product information. For bespoke stand builds we will provide you with all the documentation required for a stand designer to create the necessary files. This is part of the Bespoke Build Assistance Pack which is included in all Bespoke Stand purchases. Simply put, you will be asked to supply us with 3D files of your exhibition stand which will then convert into the final file. If you already have a live stand it’s likely that your stand designer produced 3D CAD files during the original build. If not, many graphics studios are able to produce the necessary files. If you need support finding a supplier for your bespoke stand, our customer support team can suggest one of our approved suppliers.
Can I customise a pre-built stand?
The hotspot content editor remains live throughout your attendance at the show, meaning you can change the products on your stand whenever you want. This is a great way of keeping the stand fresh and generating fresh sales leads.
Can I buy more hot spots?
Increasing the number of hotspots on your stand is a sure fire way of increasing stand traffic and winning more sales leads. Speak to our sales team if you would like to increase the size of your stand and add more hotspots.
What is the Virtual Goody Bag?
Just like any exhibition, visitors to the show are able to fill a Virtual Goodie Bag with their favourite materials. Upon browsing your stand, a site visitor can choose to add product literature, videos or even entire hotspots to their Goodie Bags – this way they can always re-visit their favourite areas of the show. Of course, you can always entice visitors onto a stand with a free giveaway. Promotional mugs, pens, USB sticks and more can be added to the Virtual Goodie Bag then sent to the visitor in real life. If you’d like to add this facility to your stand, please contact our sales team.
How much does a virtual exhibition stand cost?

Industry Expo offers a number of exhibition packages that will suit most budgets. A simple DIY package starts at £3,500 and includes your stand, stats package and a full 12 months attendance at the show. As you increase your budget it’s possible to increase the footprint of your stand and the number of products and services you exhibit. You can even invest in a custom pack or bespoke stand that will catch the eye of visitors and draw more traffic your way. Our sales team can help explain the different stand packages and promotional opportunities to make sure that you maximise the potential out of your attendance and continue to generate fresh sales leads.

What kind of pre-built stands are available?
The pre-built stands on offer to exhibitors comprise of ‘shell-schemes’ and ‘designer stands’. The design of each stand has been developed to maximise the space available and to deliver a professional looking exhibition space. Shell-schemes are available as 3x3m or 6x3m dimensions. These stands are a simple layout that can be populated with stand furniture, such as pedestals, TV’s, pull-up banners and literature holders. Designer stands are available in larger sizes and feature architecure that will ‘’stand out from the crowd’. Exhibitors can pick from a selection of stand designs and add additional stand furniture to make their own unique layout. Both shell-scheme and designer stands can be further customised with colour changes, wall graphics and bespoke carpets when the Custom Pack is selected.
Can I list more products that I have hot spots?
The Industry Expo product database is a powerful search tool that allows show visitors to quickly identify the stands most relevant to their needs. By searching for products and services they will be directed to the stands with relevant hotspots. As an exhibitor you can list any number of products and services within the product catalogue. Once you’ve listed your products it’s easy to rotate the product that you display on your hotspots, helping to keep your stand fresh. If a visitor searches for a product that you have listed but aren’t showing on a hotspot, you will still be listed in their search results below the exhibitors with live hotspot content.
How do I buy a stand at the show?
It’s possible to buy space at the show year round. Please visit the Contact page and speak to Nigel or Sara.
Can I design my own stand?
Just like a live exhibition, the more eye catching your stand is the more traffic will come your way. By designing your own stand you will create a unique space in the exhibition that be customised reflect your brand perfectly. All you need is to book the floor space and we will support you in the build process with the Bespoke Build Assistance Pack. Speak to our sales team to identify the best area for your stand.
Can I change products on my stand?
The hotspot content editor remains live throughout your attendance at the show, meaning you can change the products on your stand whenever you want. This is a great way of keeping the stand fresh and generating fresh sales leads.
What is in the Stats & Enquiries package?
The key to success as an exhibitor is using the stats and enquiries package to generate leads that you can pass on to your sales teams. The live stats package will be available as soon as your stand goes live. It keeps you up-to-date with who is visiting your stand and what they are most interested in. Global stats allow you see who is visiting your stand and where they’re visiting from. Just like a live exhibition, we encourage visitors to interact with our exhibitors and register their interest to learn more about the business. This way we can pass you real sales leads, making it easy for you to track your ROI from the show.
Will the exhibition have themed areas?

To begin with, the different areas of the exhibition will not be labelled with unique themes. After a number of exhibitors sign-up, then the hall areas will start to become themed, as we will encourage groups to exhibit together. There are also sub-halls (the white mezzanine buildings you can see around the walls) that will be made available for focussed groups, sectors, trade associations, etc.