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Shell Scheme Stands

Our shell scheme stands are designed to give exhibitors a great presence at the show, while providing a range of simple options that can be combined to make each stand unique. The process is simple, you can select one of our discounted packages, add items to a package, or simply start from scratch and build your own shell scheme stand using the options available. Each stand package includes the cost of floor space, which will remain live for 12 months from the go-live date of your stand. Floor space will need to be renewed every twelve months, however, your stand is yours to keep, develop and expand!

Select Standard Elements

Once you have selected the stand you prefer, then it’s time to populate it with stand elements. There are a number standard stand elements included in every package and you can of course add more if you require


Poster - Virtual Exhibition Stand Catalogue

TV on Plinth

TV on Plinth - Virtual Exhibition Stand Catalogue

Literature Stand

Literature Stand - Virtual Exhibition Stand Catalogue

Pull-up Banner

Pull Up Banner - Virtual Exhibition Stand Catalogue

Break out of the Shell

Optionally replace the standard shell scheme with one of our Designer Stands to give your product or service that added flair and impact, better driving sales forward.

Stand Sizes

Custom Build Stands

With the Custom build option you have the opportunity to reproduce an existing stand faithfully, or push the boundaries and create the exhibition stand you have always wanted. The show organisers and technical team are there to support any ideas and help make your custom stand happen. A set of documentation is provided for the designer which specifies the format in which custom stand builds need to be supplied to be used in a 3D environment. If however your design team does not have access to 3D modelling software then it is not a problem, a stand can be designed using any package or method the designer prefers and then constructed within a 3D environment by our in-house 3D stand building team. Collaboration is good and the platform allows for a wide range of options, we are also happy to provide technical support to exhibitors who would like to develop something new, or incorporate an existing app, configurator or model into the stand; be that static, animated or interactive.

Stand Elements

As part of your stand design it is a good idea to incorporate stand Elements that attract attention, provide information and act as a location to position an active hot-spot. You can choose from the Standard Elements, Advanced Elements, or create new Custom Elements of your own. Once you have finalised your stand design it then needs to be supplied to our in-house 3D stand builders to create the live version.

Designer Stands

If you would like to command more attention and attract higher numbers of visitors to your stand, then a designer stand is your next option after you have exhausted the options with a shell scheme. There are a number of designer Stands available which can be populated with stand Elements and have some configurable aspects such as colours, materials and wall graphics. Designer stands open-up larger stand positions 6x6m, 6x9m and 9x9m and are a convenient way of producing an eye catching and effective stand quickly. Each designer stand package includes the cost of floor space and some Standard Elements.

Custom Build Stands - Virtual Exhibition Stand Catalogue